Get profit with the new

Banks do it since ages, automatic stock trading. Now you can do it too, with the AutoTrader from Styrit.

Trading suggestions
are the key part of successful trades

The AutoTrader calculate the math while you sleep. If you’re done with your breakfast, you properly have an email in the inbox with stock trading suggestions for the day. Go to your broker platform and execute the suggested trades.

Alerts for the next trades

It’s time to sell and take the profit? The AutoTrader will let you know. Follow the suggestions and you are on a good way to reach the same profit as the application.

Stock overview, earning events and your trades

Check out the basic data of the stock. Like to see more information? Than look at the provided stock links. Future more manage your real trades, see automatic trades and earnings.


Like to know the performance of the AutoTrader? Than take a look at the automatic trades on each stock. Here you can see the results of about the last six months.

Notice: This product is currently in a beta/alpha state. You can already try it out, but always on your responsibility.

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