The easy to-do and shopping list for everyday use.

The new to-do and shopping list. Shopadoo is a simple app for creating and using lists. It’s ideal for quick shopping lists, to do lists, holiday packing lists or anything else that you need to keep track of.


  • Synchronization

    Synchronize your changes with multiple devices.

  • Sharing lists

    Share lists with friends. Invite them and everyone can collaborate on these lists.

  • No authentication/login required

    If you do not need online features, you don't need an account.

  • Drag-Drop

    Drag and drop your lists, groups or to-do's in your desired order.

  • Automatic sort behaviors

    Sort your to-do's alphabetically, by usage, by creation date or manually.

  • Grouping

    Create categories and group your to-do's into certain categories.

  • Live tiles

    See the open to-do's on live tiles (Windows only).

  • Colorize your lists

    Assign your favorite color to lists and live tiles.

  • Multi select

    Select multiple to-do's and mark them as done, active or delete them.

  • Bulk insert

    Copy some lines of to-do's and paste them in the 'add item' text-box - each line will become a new to-do item.

  • Support of long entries

    Your to-do turns into an extensive text note? No problem, shopadoo keeps it structured.

  • Input History

    Wording input history for fast text input.

  • Show active to-do's first

    To keep track of your open or active to-do's you can show them on top of others.

  • Backup capability

    Backup your lists to Google Drive or OneDrive.

  • Simple and fast

    Performance is everything.

  • No Ads

    There is no place for Ads.


  • Android app (beta)

    Get it on Google Play
  • Windows app

    Get it on Windows 10
  • Web app

    Open Web App


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